Our Process

the building blocks to a beautiful home

When you hire our professional team, we use a step-by-step process that is easy, clear, and highly effective. This allows us to provide you with exactly what you envisioned, stay within your budget, and get your project completed on time.



Feasibility Consultation

  • Establish client priorities, needs, and wants
  • General Costs/Specifications
  • Conduct a Cost Feasibility Study to establish a preliminary budget range




  • Establish a preliminary budget range
  •  Sign a professional services agreement
  • Present preliminary design sketches
  • Client feedback and revision as required




  • Add definition to the design elements that bring the house to life
  • Develop kitchen and bath layouts, and plan interior details,
  • Obtain quotes and costing from trades and vendors
  • Updating of budget and timetable as needed   
  • Review a preliminary estimate, collating trade partner quotes, large discretionary selections, etc.




  • Client feedback and revision as required
  • Provide design assistance and selection coordination
  • Select the finishes and fixtures that go into the home.
  • Finalize bids and vendor selections
  • Review the final Cost Proposal, incorporating all client selections and trade quotes
  • Preparation of final specifications




  • Pre-Construction Meeting with Construction Manager
  • Obtain necessary permits and begin construction!
  • Proactively manage and coordinate trade work
  • Communicate progress, collaborate on changes, and answer questions as they arise.
  • Provide a roadmap to completion
  • Assess quality and ensure accuracy of components
  • Handle inspections, track finances, and document details



Completion and Follow Up

  • Complete construction
  • Client walk-through and orientation
  • Review of warranty provisions
  • Transition to follow-up services

Our formula

for a Successful Project

Throughout our company, and with all of our trade partners, we have passionate, experienced, and ethical personnel committed to providing the highest level of service for our customers.

A streamlined project path is defined utilizing state of the art 3D design software; thorough site investigations and compliance research; detailed estimates; compiled accurate product and process specifications, and collaborative vendors and trade partners.

A fully staffed support office provides clearly written communications, detailed estimates and proposals, diligent budget oversight, accurate scheduling, insurance compliance monitoring, sworn statements and lien waiver processing, and construction loan coordination.

Professional construction managers with broad and deep technical expertise supervise construction quality control, code and permit inspections, product ordering and delivery verification, and our proactive warranty program.

An exciting and enjoyable design and building experience, within budget, and on schedule.

the customer experience

Our mission is always to make the home design and build journey exciting and satisfying for our customers. The successful Riemco approach of integrating the design with the informed building experience of hundreds of custom-built homes and remodeling projects is evidenced by the testimonials of those that have entrusted us with their most important investment decision.