Designing Your Custom Home

Bring your dream to life with a custom home design that is not only functional but has the high-end detail and beautiful design that is uniquely yours.

Riemco's design + build process ensures a well built, durable, energy efficient home that meets your budgetary goals.

Creative, functional and beautiful designs are born out of the exploration of your vision and the collaborative input of Riemco's decades of design and building experience. This interactive process will result in a well-designed, high performance home that has exceptional design details and a personality that is uniquely yours. Additionally, our design + build process will ensure that your home is extremely well built, durable, energy efficient, and meets your budgetary goals.

You may be currently working with an architect or designer, or may have a plan that you have purchased.  We frequently work with architects and designers to provide our real world costs and building knowledge to inform the design. For those that have a plan, we can apply our building blocks estimating system to determine if changes and modifications may be necessary to meet your budget goals.

Understanding your goals and needs

Our design process begins with an initial Lifestyle Design Survey to better understand your goals and needs. This becomes the basis for ongoing design discussions which include:

  • Design Styles
  • Efficiency, durability, and sustainability
  • Functionality
  • Comfort
  • Livability
  • Aesthetics and Personality

Our experienced designers and staff will assist you with all facets of the process from beginning to end:

  • Building site assessment
  • Zoning and Homeowner Association requirements
  • Plan development and space planning
  • Site Plan
  • Exterior and interior architectural details
  • Kitchen and bath designs
  • Fixture and finish selections
  • Construction specifications


For many people, it is difficult to understand what your home will look like when it is built from a series of two-dimensional plans and elevation drawings. The perspective and interpretation can also vary significantly for each person viewing the drawings.

We design all of our projects in 3D which enables you to view the exterior, interior,  and every part of your home as you walk around it and through it.  Our clients love this feature, as it eliminates design surprises and helps you to grasp every detail of your home before it is built.

Let's build something together!

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