Building Your Luxury Home

Luxury home building means high-performance standards with superior comfort, energy efficiency, and durable materials

Systems, materials, and methods are selected for your needs

There are many good building systems, materials and methods available for residential construction projects. Each of these systems has different design characteristics and a wide range of budget implications. With our large database of historical information and experience, we can effectively assist in the decision making process to tailor the best solutions for you. Our recommendations are not driven by a specific method or ideology, but simply experience.

Specifications to achieve a balance between design, efficiency, and budget

Riemco's minimum standard building components have been designed to work together as a high performance whole house system. This system has proven to provide superior comfort, a healthy indoor living environment, superior energy efficiency, and low maintenance using durable and quality materials. This serves as a baseline from which adjustments can be made, either up or down, to achieve the proper balance between design, function, livability, efficiency and budgetary needs.

Efficient and On-Schedule Project Management

Our experienced construction managers supervise every detail of the project from the start of construction to completion. A construction manual is produced for every major project that details the plans, construction specifications, and selections. Because of the proper planning, detailed drawings, specifications, our selections process, and collaboration between our design and field teams, our building process is efficient, on budget, and on schedule.

Building Systems

Riemco has nearly three decades of experience with most building systems including:

  • Conventional Framing
  • Advanced Framing
  • Open Wall Panels
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
  • Timber Framing
  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)

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