The Budget

Experiencing the joy of living your dream, or realizing financial disaster and disappointment is wholly dependent upon the quality and accuracy of the project budget. Skilled professionals are your best insurance.

Setting a realistic budget, early in the design process, is the key to a successful project.

A realistic budget developed early in the design process is a major key to a successful project. Developing a plan without current and accurate building costs attached to the design can lead to undesirable results. As general contractors, we are exposed to all costs of a project starting with site development, permitting, engineering, OSHA requirements, equipment costs, project management and construction. Too often in the design world, a design isn't bid on or quoted until final drawing stages. The resulting "sticker shock" can cause the need for major rework, or abandonment of a finished plan. Providing accurate current building costs as the design develops, can keep your design within the target budget.

We have been designing and building custom homes and projects for almost thirty years, with millions of dollars of projects currently under construction. We are able to concurrently inform the design process with real world costs at the start and throughout the entire design cycle. The ability to make adjustments in either the design, construction methods, options and selections results in a final design that is in sync with the budget, and meets your expectations.

The Budget Evolution

  • 1 Feasibility Study utilizing our unique "Building Blocks" system
  • 2 "Ballpark Budget Range" provided with conceptual plan development
  • 3 Preliminary Budget for selected concept plan
  • 4 Revised Budget after design refinement and completed selections
  • 5 Final Budget Cost Proposal with final design, selections, vendor/trade quotes

Budgeting for a lifetime of ownership

There are many budgeting decisions to be made that require balancing the tradeoffs and/or payback considerations of design, selection, and construction specifications.

  • Our dedication to quality is a lasting endeavor.  We design for the long term.  It is the return to the concept of the 100-year home.
  • Building a house is one of the largest investments that most families will ever make.  The materials and methods used to construct your home should be a return on that investment.
  • Building for quality and long-term efficiency can mean higher initial costs.  However, if planned carefully, those measures can reduce maintenance, upkeep, and utility costs. The result is a lower cost over the lifetime ownership of your home.

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